Extruded crumbs

Extruded crumbs of TM "Kasha Malasha" are crunchy particles from 0.8 to 3 mm that have a porous structure. They are produced in different colors and shades from semolina premium. Breadcrumbs can be made either with or without the addition of: salt, sugar, emulsifier and natural dyes. We did not use any genetically modified food, preservatives, stabilizers, flavor enhancers or other additives.

During the cooking process, due to the properties of our breadcrumbs the food keeps its juiciness inside while outside you get a perfect crispy crust.

During frying the breadcrumbs do not change their color and do not burn.

"Kasha Malasha" breadcrumbs are suitable for mechanical and manual application.


Sticking in one pass up to  20%


Specific weight   500 g per 1 dm³


Hydration  1:3




During frying, the product is coated in "Kasha Malasha" breadcrumbs absorbs a small amount of fat, thanks to that the finished product is suitable for roasting in the usual way and for deep frying.

Extruded crumbs are produced from different kinds of groats (buckwheat, rice, corn) can be used in the confectionery industry like dusting for cakes, pies, cookies, that will give the finished product a spicy taste and nice decor element.


You can buy liaisons of our own design and production

Liaison is identical to the color for each type of breadcrumbs. It can be used as a liquid coating, and as filler for the semi-finished goods.

Hydration - 1: 9


Extruded cereal flour

We produce extruded flour from different raw materials: corn, buckwheat, semolina, millet, rice, barley, oats and peas.


Extruded flour is used in confectionary, diary and baking industry and in production of half-finished meat products.

Adding extruded flour to any products increases its useful properties, due to high content of vitamins and trace elements.

Using extruded flour improves the appearance and organoleptic properties of the product. Extruded flour is used as an additive (as a thickener, which is necessary emulsifier) to improve the consistency of the product.


About us

TM "Kasha Malasha" was established in 2002.

Our first products were ready-cooked porridges from various cereals.

Presentations, research and analysis of the market has allowed us to expand the range of the products. We produce fillers for paste, minced meat and sausages as well as emulsifiers for sauces and ketchups and fillers for confectionery products.

In 2006, we’ve developed a new technology for producing colorful breadcrumbs and liaisons using natural dyes based on thermoplastic extrusion. This technology does not have any analogues in Ukraine yet.


We regularly work on quality control of our products and actively participate in exhibitions in Ukraine. As a result our company became the Second Degree Winner of all-Ukrainian Quality Contest in 2003 and we’re added to the Book "100 best goods of Ukraine".


Our clients are successful and well-known companies and brands in Ukraine.

We hope that our products will catch the interest of manufacturers of semi-finished and

confectionery products and of course make happy every single buyer!

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